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Retrofit Sills Technical Details

This coating has been laboratory tested.  The product certifications are outlined here along with a description of the tests carried out to obtain these certifications.

A Retrofit Sill can be used as an over sill, which covers an existing window sill (see the Installation Guide for more details) or for new window sill installations for example in a new build property

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1. Thermal Shock Resistance (BSEN-14617-6-2012)

     Test Report No: 296793 of 25.07.12 – Thermal Shock at -20°/+70°C.

2. Impact Resistance (BSEN- 13497-2012)

3. Co-efficient of thermal expansion – (BSEN-6319-12-1992)

4. Density determination to ASTMD792-UKAS accredited

5. Exova Warrington – Fire propagation to BS476 part 6

6. Exova Warrington – Spread of flame to BS476 part 7

Thermal Analysis:

PSI Values
Concrete Sills – 0.018 w/mk
Retrofit Sills – minus 0.006 w/mk

Thermal Conductivity
Concrete Sills – 2.00 w/mk
Retrofit Sills – 0.021 w/mk